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How to install the Example Application SessionVOC Explorer

What's the purpose of the SessionVOC Explorer?

The application is based on PHP and illustrates the functionality of the session database SessionVOC.

The following implementation utilizes the PHP-API of the SessionVOC.

CAUTION! The Example Application is not intended to run within productive environments. It is only meant to illustrates the utilization of the SessionVOC.

How to install:

1. Check if all preconditions are fulfilled.

In order to run the demo application you need access to the SessionVOC. Please follow the instructions here: Installation Overview

Additionally you need a running Apache server equipped with the SessionVOC's PHP API. Please follow the instructions here: Installing the SessionVOC Extension for PHP

2. Downloading the Demo Application

Download the demo sessionvoc-demo-1.X.Y.tar.gz from here.

3. Decompress the tar-archive

Decompress the tar-archive to your computer.

4. Check the parameters for your server

After a regular installation the SessionVOC gets started on port 8208 for HTTP requests. As the SessionVOC is started as a daemon, the configuration parameters can be found in


In general you do not need to change the default values. However, if other services are already running on these ports, you have to change them.

5. Configuration

If you have chosen non-default port values, you need to modify the demo application. Please insert the IP-Address and the port-number of the SessionVOC into the file sessionvoc.ini. Please modify and sessionvoc.port.

6. Loading the data

Copy the files of the example application from PHP/sessionvoc to a directory of the htdocs directory of the Apache-Server.

7. Starting the Application

In case you stored the files of the demo to the document root directory you can start the demo by starting your browser with the following address: